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As head of our web design operations here in Phoenix, I speak with people week in and week out looking for a beautiful web design and a way to get the word out about their Phoenix based business.  Every one of these conversations always comes to the topic of proper SEO and what it takes to be highly visible online with proper SEO.  It is always important to set the right expectations of what it takes to climb the ranks in Google’s eyes.  After all, it may be easier to be on page 1 of a Yahoo or Bing search but Google is the only Search Engine that matters. 

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I always use our own web page as a good example.  We launched NEXTFLY PHOENIX back in August of 2015.  Since that time we have climbed up to 11th in the rankings of our most popular key word search “Phoenix Web Design Company”.  Being 11th in the rankings may not sound impressive, but it is actually quite outstanding!  Every existing Web Design Company in Phoenix that understands and does SEO for a living always optimizes their company’s site first.  This means that in the battle for position on Google, we now rank 11th overall among the elite SEO companies in the state.  Many of these companies have been here much longer than we have and we have managed to pass up most of the field.  Google puts a huge emphasis on tenure in their algorithm.  So, the fact that we’ve climbed past companies that have been doing SEO for years here in Phoenix so fast is actually amazing!  You may automatically believe that the best SEO companies are the ones ranked the highest and there may be some truth to that.  We however know that the best SEO Company in Phoenix is NEXTFLY because of how far we’ve climbed in such a short time.  Leaving your competition in the dust always feels good.  Page #1 here we come!

You may wonder why we focus our efforts on the key word search “Phoenix Web Design Company” and I’m happy to share that.  According to Google analytics, that is what people type the most when looking for a Web Design Company here in Phoenix, simple right? 

Proper SEO is essentially a way to fast track your company to the top of the search results.  Covering a ton of ground in a short amount of time is never easy and requires good habits and a lot of work.   To do it right you need content, content and more content.  Google puts a big focus on tenure as I mentioned so the more time your site has been online the better.  They also put a huge focus on “fresh” content.  Updating your site all the time can be tiresome but completely necessary.  I always recommend a blog for every business.  Write an article once a week and post it to your site.  This fresh content will help fast track your SEO.  By the way, that is what I’m doing to make sure I am doing good SEO for my Web Design business here in Phoenix.  In this blog please take notice the heavy emphasis on those key words “Web Design Company in Phoenix”.  It is also of the utmost importance to Google, use those words a lot but don’t get spammy. 

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One of the last and most important parts about SEO in Phoenix is to not rely totally on that for your business.  Many times we have customers who launch a new business and expect us to make their site #1 overnight.  While we would love to, we have a strong understanding of SEO and what it takes to be successful.   Continue to use every avenue at your disposal to promote your business.  Through hard work, networking, promotion and adding fresh content to your site you will get to the top.  We also recommend a high emphasis on Social Media to improve your SEO.  The more traffic you can create to your site the better so be sure to utilize those existing relationships. 

At NEXTFLY Web Design here in Phoenix, we consider ourselves not only the contender in Phoenix but the best SEO Company in the state.  Not because we outrank the legacies here but because we are starting to scare them.  We know what it takes to get your company to page #1 with proper SEO.  When we design your website, we offer free coaching on improving your SEO along with a 2 hour training on how to manage content on your website.  Utilizing the tools that we give you will guarantee your success.  If you are interested in improving your SEO in Phoenix, please give us a call.  Your competition will take notice!

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I came to NextFly with a very vague, I-need-my-website-to-look-more-professional requirement. Julie took on the challenge, and after a meeting, a few phone calls, and a few emails over the course of a few weeks, I was back in the NextFly office seeing my new website and getting trained. Julie and NextFly provided super service, they were super helpful, and they made it super easy to move to my new web "home". In the (now) three weeks since launch, I've received literally dozens of complements about my new website! I couldn't be happier with the work from Julie and the NextFly team!

Doug Tedder, Tedder Consulting

Nextfly has been great a great vendor for us. Website designs have always been sharp and user friendly. They have developed 2 sites for us. For us to use an outfit twice, means they have talent. They also have delivered on SEO services.


I appreciate quite a few things about Nextfly and their web design process. Most importantly, they are easy to work with, quick and helpful. The design of my webpage is fantastic. I recommend them highly.

Mark Worthley

Brett Beck is so easy to work with, and his service is grade A. He helped our old web site become more effective and easier to use. There is nothing you ask that Brett can't do. If you need a new site or the old one tweeked i suggest you let Nextfly take care of your problems.

Sue Jones

Nextfly is an excellent company to help build a website. They explain everything step by step in ways that anyone can understand. Their pricing is very competitive with other companies and they do not try to add in any hidden fees. What you see is what you get with Nextfly. They are a breath of fresh air in the business world!


Working with Nextfly has been a treat! Their response time, vision and training is better than I could have ever hoped for in a web partner. Julie is a rockstar when it comes to support, training, and responsiveness! We are thrilled to be using them and look forward to working with them long term!

Kyndra Packard, Marketshare Financial

Awesome website and design. Easy process and great customer service. Would highly recommend.

Duepner Law

“Brett Beck of Nextfly Communications created a rich Web site to publicize and sell The Dome in the Valley: The History and Rebirth of the West Baden Springs Hotel, which I recently published. Brett quickly understood my unique needs, guided me through the requirements of Web design and Web hosting, and professionally crafted a site that very effectively meets those needs. I have no hesitation strongly recommending Brett and Nextfly to anyone looking for Web site development or Web hosting. I know you will be pleased with your selection. James M. Vaughn, Author/Publisher The Dome in the Valley: The History and Rebirth of the West Baden Springs Hotel”

James M. Vaughn

Brett, Thank you for such a wonderful new website. You were very helpful in the design phase of the project all the way through to the launch. The new site has even more features than I was expecting! I will recommend your work to anyone I know looking for a new website. I will definitely be calling in the future to add new features and expand the site.

Ben Baxter, Accent ERP

It is my pleasure to recommend Brett Beck for web design and technology assistance. Brett has a very professional business approach; conducting background research, with clear contracting, and reliable delivery of services. Brett communicates technical aspects in a user-friendly manner, so that our finished website met our objectives. During the process, he updated us frequently and provided opportunities to make changes. Brett was able to create a website with a clean, simple appeal, with the back end technical specifications. Our company was very satisfied with Brett’s services and fully intends to work with him again.

G. Andrews

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